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Google Earth Enterprise helps organizations with imagery and other geospatial data make information accessible and useful to all employees via an intuitive, fast application. Google Earth Enterprise allows organizations to visualize, explore, and understand information on a fully interactive 3D globe or 2D browser based maps. It enables users to collaborate, improve decision-making, and take faster, more informed action based on geospatial information.

Google Earth Enterprise is software that is installed on an organization's servers that fuses all of its geospatial data together to create custom 3D globes or 2D maps. It allows different users to view the globes via the Google Earth Client or a web based browser. Organizations with existing investments in GIS technology and data realize the full potential of these existing investments by using Google Earth as a cost-effective means of making GIS data usable by the organization's end users.

Navagis is a proud member of the OpenGEE Consortium that is taking over the stewardship of the source code and feature roadmap. Togehter with our partners we will continue to provide support and innovation for the technology. Please join us at our community page LINK!.

It's Portable!

Google Earth Enterprise has the Portable Solution that allows you to store and access a globe on a USB drive or disk, enabling you access to critical information even when connectivity is limited. Designed specifically for disaster relief professionals, Google Earth Enterprise portable can support critical decisions, even in remote or no-access environments. With Google Earth Enterprise Portable Solution, users can view a subset of your internal mapping data while in remote areas - even when they can't get online.

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Sample Videos

An example of flood modeling. This video shows the High Performance Computing models incorporated into OpenGEE that details how Katrina flooded New Orleans.