Our Background

The roots of Navagis were formed from the response to Hurricane Katrina, which hit the US Gulf Coast in August of 2005. At that time, David Moore, our founder and CEO, led the Corps of Engineers team that rapidly pioneered the use of integrated operating maps to manage the vast resources and teams from all of the agencies, enterprises and organizations involved in responding to the critical needs of the region.

Corporate Overview

Navagis, a global Google Maps for Work and Oracle Partner, is a Location Intelligence company that empowers organizations to run their business and operations via web and mobile mapping applications. Navagis is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Mississippi, Singapore, Tokyo, and the Philippines

David Moore

Founder, President and CEO

David Moore founded Navagis in 2008. Before founding Navagis he worked for the Army Corps of Engineers High Performance Computing Laboratory. While at the Army Corps he created Corpsglobe, a massive Google Earth system consisting of over 800+ terabytes, and 60+ processing cores for imagery, terrain, and vector data. In 2010, David worked at the Googleplex as an engineer helping develop the next generation capabilities of Google Maps/Earth.

David graduated with a Computer Science Degree from Mississippi State University with a focus on Information Assurance and Software Engineering. While at MSU he was selected for the National Science Foundation Information Assurance Scholarship. David received the Department of the Army's Commander's Award for Civilian Service in 2007 for his data collection efforts with the Corps of Engineers following the disaster recovery of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Ben Hubbard

Co-Founder and CTO

Prior to joining Navagis as co-founder, Ben served as a software developer and solution architect at a CMM Level 5 rated software organization for the US Air force at Eglin Air Force base near Destin, FL. During his time at Eglin, Ben was twice recognized with Notable Achievement Awards for his outstanding work in support of the Air Force's mission.

Ben has over 12 years experience working with complex geo software projects ranging from Department of Defense organizations to telecommunication and utility enterprise organizations. He is an expert on Google Maps technology and oversees all sales engineering, solution architecting and strategic technology direction for the company.

Ben holds a Bachelors of Science in both Computer Science and Software Engineering from Mississippi State University and a Master of Science in Computer Science from Georgia Tech.